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Artisanal Records Offers High Quality and Lossless Downloads

Artisanal Records was founded in 2016 to find and promote independent musical artists that deserve a wider hearing and greater notice. We strive to offer only the highest audio quality recordings.

Recordings produced by the artists on Artisanal Records are available in several different formats and can be purchased here, at our store, or at other online merchants and selected record stores. Downloads purchased elsewhere (for example at Amazon, Spotify, ITunes, etc.) are usually only available only in compressed and lossy versions.

Only at the Artisanal Records website can you purchase music downloads in uncompressed and compressed lossless formats. The formats offered are WAV, AIFF and FLAC. For more information about these formats. We also offer MP3 downloads sampled at 320 kbs. While we believe that the artists’ work is best appreciated as uncompressed and lossless; however, for portability and for listening on cell phones and other similar devices, the MP3 version may be preferred.

Please note that the size of the lossless and compressed lossless versions will take longer than typical downloads. If you have difficulties with the download, please contact us here.

Thank you for your business.