For the Trump Era of The Big Lie, Squarewave Releases John Lennon’s ‘Gimme Some Truth’

First there were “alternative facts.”

Then, ‘fake news,” which actually was real news, but deemed ‘fake’ by those who didn’t want to believe it.

No matter whether it was actually true.

Truth became arbitrary. Except that it wasn’t because what’s true IS…true.

Enough, Squarewave’s Jeff Jagielo said.

So one evening this summer the band Squarewave climbed the stairs to their second floor Wautoma recording studio and proceeded to record and produce their magnificent new version of John Lennon’s classic, “Gimme Some Truth,” first released on Lennon’s 1971 Imagine.

Fake news it isn’t.  True music it is.

“Gimme Some Truth is a song by an artist, one of rock’s greatest, who valued the truth and knew something about it, who saw through the charlatans, the Mountebanks, the liars. Lennon would be appalled by all the blatant, shameless lying today.  So, pass around Squarewave’s “Gimme Some Truth.”  Give some ‘Truth’ to friends.

Turn it up! In these strange days, we all need a strong dose of what’s real – the truth.

Before we forget what it is.