Squarewave Releases Seven-Years-in-the-Making ‘A Tighter Knot’

Renowned producer Butch Vig hails new record, ‘A Tighter Knot,’ “as good as anything out there, anywhere’‘

Madison, WI—Deep in the heart of the forests of Wisconsin, just up the road from Freedom and not far from Pray, Wisconsin, noticed by few and heard by almost none, two musicians have been quietly writing and recording a musical masterpiece in their garage studio.

The musicians, Jeff Jagielo and Pat Connaughty, call their band Squarewave. And the fruit of their labor is their new record, A Tighter Knot. Nearly 10 years ago, the then unknown Justin Vernon retreated to a Winter hunting cabin in the Wisconsin woods and emerged with Bon Iver’s For Emma. Forever Ago.  Now Squarewave has stepped out of the isolation of the Wisconsin hinterlands to record and produce one of the best rock albums in many many years on Artisanal Records (www.ArtisanalRecords.com).

“Squarewave is creating sophisticated and original one-of-a-kind psychedelic folk-rock,” says Vig. “I started working with Jeff at Smart Studios nearly 30 years ago as the producer of his then band Ivory Library. From the beginning the music was mysterious, ethereal and instantly identifiable. A Tighter Knot is brilliantly recorded, with layered guitar playing and an ambitious, near epic production.”

The 14 songs move seamlessly between folk-rock, psychedelic neo-grunge, prog-rock and buoyant pop, A Tighter Knot is a complex and intense kaleidoscope of sound. Hooky, chiming guitars, ethereal voices and layers of synthesizers create a dense, shimmering tapestry. The record was seven years in the making, recorded in Jagielo’s Wautoma, Wis., studio.

A Tighter Knot is the first release of the new Madison record company, Artisanal Records. Artisanal was founded in 2016 to find and promote independent musical artists that deserve a wider hearing and greater notice. The record company is guided by the artisan philosophy of producing hand-crafted, high quality, uncompromised small-batch art works.